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- Northern Ireland -, Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Tyrone

Mindfulness for Life (Youth Mindfulness)
Teaching Methods
Online, In Person, Hybrid

About Me

Veronica Ellis from Mindfulness Connected Learning delivers mindfulness courses, events and workshops to organisations, schools, communities, young people, parents and families. Veronica is a qualified teacher with over 25 years’ teaching experience. She teaches both adults and children. She has taught a variety of ages and groups of children and young adults both within mainstream and special education, including children with severe learning difficulties and with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her motivation in teaching mindfulness is to create a space where people feel safe and valued and where they can explore and experience the benefits of mindfulness practices in a relaxed and comfortable setting. She is committed to teaching children and adults how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life. Veronica works with individuals and groups to embed mindfulness into the culture of organisations and the communities that they house, and she is committed to enhancing working and learning environments by exploring the more challenging aspects of life and work in a safe and supported context. She is motivated to teach people how to still their minds and enrich their lives by developing a curiosity and deep appreciation of life. Through the practice of mindfulness, she helps create working environments where people can flourish and where workers, teachers, parents, young people and children can develop more harmonious, meaningful and connected relationships

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