EDI Task Force


Working with the core Executive Team and Trustees at BAMBA, BAMBA’s EDI Task Force support the organisation with the approach to priority EDI strategic areas.

Mission Statement

BAMBA is committed to building a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion where every member feels valued, respected, and empowered. Our core values of care, openness, integrity, inclusivity and being responsive guide our journey towards creating a diverse and inclusive environment that improves the lived experience of people as they engage in the field of mindfulness.

We pledge to:

  • Foster an atmosphere of open dialogue, encourage diverse perspectives, and promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, identity, or belief.
  • Broaden access to BAMBA and the field of mindfulness more generally for under-served and under-represented groups by reviewing accessibility to BAMBA membership.
  • Promote cultures of inclusion by recognising and celebrating difference and acknowledging the benefits achieved by diversity of thought and experience.
  • Not only champion but embody the principles of EDI with and beyond our organisation through continuous education, community engagement, and transparent policies.

April 2024
Tawny Cortes; Sarah Sung; Dean Francis; Stephanie Unthank-Latter

The Team

Dean Francis

Dean Francis

Dean Francis, Trustee at BAMBA, is a co-author of a collaborative paper titled “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Our Time: A Curriculum That Is Up to the Task.”

Dean is at the forefront of shaping socially engaged mindfulness training for the UK African and Caribbean population, and his work has significantly influenced the field by advocating equitable access through the co-creation and collaboration of context-specific mindfulness training that is sensitive to both momentary and lived experience.

Dean is the co-founder, and director of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation CIC. Upon completing his master’s degree in mindfulness, he co-created the award-winning Mindfulness-Based Inclusion Training (MBIT) program designed to build solidarity through practice and dismantle racism and social inequality, collectively.

Sarah Sung

Sarah Sung

Sarah is a certified yoga instructor and passionate about mindfulness teaching. With a background in corporate HR across APAC and Europe, she has seamlessly integrated mindfulness practices into her work. Through her expertise, she has successfully designed and implemented mindfulness programs within organisations, empowering employees to cultivate resilience, focus, and emotional well-being.

As a project coordinator for the British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches, Sarah has made a significant impact in championing inclusion and equity in mindfulness programs throughout the UK. Her ability to bridge the gap between HR practices and mindfulness techniques has created healthier work environments and enhanced employee engagement. Sarah’s dedication to mindfulness teaching equips her with a unique perspective to promote well-being and empower individuals in the workplace.

With her strong foundation in mindfulness teaching and her understanding of the importance of well-being, Sarah is a valuable asset for organisations seeking to prioritize employee mental health and create positive work cultures. Sarah is a passionate mindfulness teacher with international living experience in Dubai, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Spain. Her diverse cultural exposure has enriched her understanding of different perspectives and enhanced her ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds. Fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, and conversational level in Spanish.

Tawny Cortes

Tawny Cortes

Tawny has worked in the health and well-being sector for over a decade. Her diverse experience as a personal trainer, well-being coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, in both commercial spaces and corporate environments, has given her unique insight into the importance of mental and physical well-being.

As a yoga and mindfulness practitioner, Tawny has worked with many businesses to deliver bespoke classes, well-being workshops and retreat days to improve workplace well-being and resilience. Furthermore, as someone from the BIPOC community, Tawny has worked with diverse groups within this community to uplift their voices and champion diversity and inclusivity within the wellness space.

Tawny employs her distinctive blend of skills to educate her clients on how they can live well – not just at work but in all areas of their lives. Her field of expertise is in stress management, including anxiety and sleep issues. Whether working with corporate clients or the public, Tawny’s approach is inclusive and accessible, meeting clients where there are in their own journey to living well.

Stephanie Unthank-Latter

Stephanie Unthank-Latter

Stephanie Unthank-Latter has been in the role of Director at BAMBA since 2020. A practitioner, teacher, trainer and supervisor of Mindfulness since 2017, Stephanie is also the Director of Infinity-Wellness, which specialises in wellbeing cultural change and strategic planning in organisational settings.

Working in corporate settings for more than 25 years, Stephanie has worked across various global locations, with diverse teams and has led significant strategic programs across various settings, including in the field of mindfulness. She lives with her wife in Kent and has a passion for all things outdoors including trekking, paddle boarding and travel.

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