Retreat Requirements

for BAMBA-Registered Teachers


Teachers registered with BAMBA are required to complete five days of retreat per year with periods of silence lasting for at least 50% of the waking time.

This requirement could be met in the following ways:

– Five consecutive days.

– Shorter periods such as two days retreat or a series of one day retreats adding up to five days in total.

– Retreat can be attended online via a channel such as Zoom or MS Teams, for example, or in a face-to-face, live environment at a retreat centre or location, for example.

Retreats should be led by a qualified, suitable, experienced teacher and based on guided practice sessions.

For experienced practitioners who have already undertaken numerous guided, silent residential retreats, five days of un-guided solitary retreat would be acceptable periodically. This should be agreed in discussion with the teacher’s supervisor as meeting the practice needs of the teacher at their personal stage of development.

If at any time a teacher finds attending the total sum of all five days of retreat in a 12-month period unreachable, the teacher should contact BAMBA directly to discuss their application and reasons for not being able to meet the Good Practice Guidelines. BAMBA will review such applications on an exceptional case by case basis.

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