About the Register


The Register provides a list of teachers on the basis of them having met the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG’s), a list of courses that have been recognised by BAMBA and a list of teacher training organisations affiliated to the association.

In order to become a registered mindfulness teacher with BAMBA, teachers would be required to select a course from the list of recognised courses below and a teacher training provider from our list of affiliated organisations.

The cost to join the Register is £120 for new applications and £60 per year to renew.

Registered Affiliated Organisations

The organisations listed here have been through an assessment process by BAMBA and teachers trained in the approaches also listed are eligible to submit an application to join the Register.

As more MBPs are assessed, we will be adding further programmes to this list.

**NB: Not all courses taught by the organisations listed on our site are recognised by BAMBA. Please check with your Teacher Training Organisation prior to beginning your training pathway.**

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