Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

BAMBA’s EDI Commitment

BAMBA is committed to treating everyone with respect.

BAMBA will comply with the 2010 Equalities Act respecting the nine protected characteristics set out in that legislation: Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage or civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex or Sexual orientation. And we are committed to going further to create welcoming safe environments, valuing difference and enabling people to feel free to be themselves.

EDI Background

BAMBA’s focus builds on the legacy of many years of EDI work and the recognition that mindfulness training and participation in BAMBA’s senior functions is not fully representative of the society in which BAMBA operates. Its purpose; to improve awareness of the challenges faced and address the limitations of diversity and inclusion within BAMBA and the mindfulness profession in the UK.

EDI Change Programme

The Vision
Addressing inequity & privilege in BAMBA and in the field of Mindfulness

The Mission
To enhance equity, diversity and inclusion in order to improve the lived experience of people as they engage in the field of mindfulness

Expected Outcomes

• Better data about the representation in mindfulness-based practice, within and outside BAMBA
• Improved understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by all groups affected by EDI issues and privilege – inside and outside BAMBA
• Improved processes for BAMBA that address inequity within the organisations
• Improved training for BAMBA and its members on anti-racism and on addressing inequity within their organisations and the wider field of mindfulness
• Greater representation at all levels of BAMBA so that it reflects the society in which it operates
• Improved access to mindfulness training for excluded or disadvantaged groups

Key EDI Work Strands

In 2020/21, the activity proposed by the EDI Working Group to deliver BAMBA’s EDI vision focused on the delivery of key work strands as set out in the following projects:

  1. Gathering insights
  2. Education & awareness
  3. Governance
  4. Training in the field
  5. Representation – recruitment
    1. BAMBA
    2. In the field
  6. Addressing Privilege within BAMBA

The design of the BAMBA EDI Programme is set out in Figure 1 below:

The EDI Programme activities in each of the project areas are developed, progressed and tracked by the EDI Working Group Leads and Co-Directors of BAMBA. The Co-Directors work with the EDI Working Group Leads to establish synergies between BAMBA programmes and to be accountable to the BAMBA Executive Board.
The EDI Change Programme Working Group leads also report to and seek input to the programme from all mindfulness teacher training organisations attending BAMBA’s Annual Meeting.
BAMBA seeks to bring the EDI agenda and programme to the wider community of providers and teachers in the field of mindfulness. BAMBA works pro-actively to partner in its EDI work with other organisations to work towards a more equal and diverse mindfulness-based field.
We are inviting anyone interested in and potentially able to contribute to the awareness raising of EDI and good practice in the field of mindfulness to contact us.

BAMBA’s activities are only made possible through membership and voluntary support.

Should you wish to donate, your donation will be used to continue the maintenance of standards and inclusive access to mindfulness-based training in the UK.

We are grateful for your contribution to this vital work.