Quality Assessment

Mindfulness in the Workplace


The continuing growth in the application of mindfulness in the workplace has brought BAMBA’s attention to the need to apply its experience, as well as its neutral and evidence-based approach, to the recognition of Workplace Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBAs).

During 2022, BAMBA mobilised a working group of professionals from the field of mindfulness to design and deliver an end-to-end Quality Assessment process that would encourage and support the application of mindfulness-based approaches in the workplace and protect the public. This process paved the way to BAMBA completing its first Quality Assessment of workplace-based mindfulness with HSBC Bank plc.

The design of the quality assessment process for workplace-based mindfulness centres around evidencing five key areas of focus in ‘how’ mindfulness in delivered. These four elements of Ethics, Curriculum, Competence, and Sustainability sit around a core Equality, Diversity and Inclusion intention.

The foundation of this work is underpinned by the following principles.

BAMBA’s approach is:

  • Informed by theories and practices that draw upon contemplative traditions, science and the major disciplines of medicine, psychology and education.
  • Based upon a model of human experience that identifies some of the causes of human suffering and possible ways of relieving it.
  • Developed with a new way of being with experience that uses present moment focus, de-centering and an approach orientation.
  • Supportive of the development of greater attentional, emotional and behavioral self-regulation, and cultivates compassion, wisdom and equanimity.
  • Delivered in a way where participants are given space to develop insight and understanding into their experience through sustained, intensive training in mindfulness mediation practice and an experiential inquiry-based learning process.
  • Considerate of adapted curriculum elements that are integrated with essential components and are appropriate to specific contexts and populations.
  • Considerate of variation in structure length and delivery that are appropriate to the population and context.
    In recognition of the paper ‘What defines Mindfulness-based programs: The warp and the weft’ (Crane et al. 2017)

Submitting a Workplace Quality Assessment Application

If you would like to be considered for the Quality Assessment Process for Workplace-Based Programmes, please contact the Director of BAMBA by email at info@bamba.org.uk at which point you will be invited to discuss the process in more detail and submit your case and evidence portfolio to our assessment panel. 

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