BAMBA is the primary professional body of mindfulness practitioners, teachers, and teacher training organisations in the UK.

It holds the only Register that lists teachers based on meeting the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG’s), that describe the minimum standards of training, experience and ongoing professional practice needed to teach safely and effectively the most used 8-week mindfulness programmes.

The Register has no commercial interests. Register fees are used to cover costs and develop BAMBA so that we can be available as a resource for the public, other teachers, teacher trainers and teacher training organisations, businesses, community organisations, and commissioners.

As mindfulness provision extends into many different sectors, there is an ever greater need to be able to identify those people who continue to uphold the integrity of the approach. BAMBA also works with international colleagues to build consensus on the core components of 8-week mindfulness programmes, and is working to recognise new, innovative, accessible mindfulness approaches that can evidence safety and effectiveness. BAMBA also aims to expand its Register to include supervisors and competency assessors, trainees and trainers who meet the agreed standards.

As the mindfulness field moves closer towards more formal accreditation, it would be of benefit to individual teachers and teacher training organisations to apply for a place on the Register.

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BAMBA’s activities are only made possible through membership and voluntary support.

Should you wish to donate, your donation will be used to continue the maintenance of standards and inclusive access to mindfulness-based training in the UK.

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