The Mindful Workplace Community


The Mindful Workplace Community is BAMBA’s workplace community – a forum for the international conversation on workplace mindfulness.

It’s a community of individuals and organisations exploring, developing, and promoting the sustainable application of mindfulness in the workplace. We facilitate connection, peer support, inquiry and sharing of best practice among those championing, commissioning, and delivering workplace mindfulness training.

We’re unaffiliated to any provider, instead offering a trusted and neutral meeting space.

We’re also a real, live community with a vision of synergy. Our members learn from each other, support and inspire one another and share knowledge within a generative field that benefits all.

You can find out more on the MWC website or connect with this community via our Workplace Community Hub

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BAMBA’s activities are only made possible through membership and voluntary support.

Should you wish to donate, your donation will be used to continue the maintenance of standards and inclusive access to mindfulness-based training in the UK.

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