We are proud to be offering three EDI Project Roles to form the foundations of an EDI partnership and programme task force for BAMBA.

Working with the core Executive team and Trustees at BAMBA, these individuals will design and implement the approach to priority EDI strategic areas.

For several years, BAMBA has been focusing on how best to position the work of EDI within the organisation. During our research, a key message we received was that the complexity of EDI concerns warrants collaborative ways of working that draw upon the diverse perspectives of people with lived experience of underserved, underrepresented and disadvantaged communities, as well as mindfulness and JEDI expertise. Consequently, these roles are designed to do exactly that and ensure BAMBA has access to competent advice and guidance in relation to integration of EDI into everything BAMBA does.

As part of this EDI task force, the successful candidates will focus primarily on the following areas of work:

  1. Design and implement an EDI Quality Assessment process for Teacher Training Organisations
  2. To identify and establish funding streams, to include a review of BAMBAs approach to membership.
  3. To create a space that enables the EDI conversation to develop for Mindfulness Teachers and Practitioners where we can encourage the field to engage with the core commitments of BAMBA’s EDI vision.

We are looking for three individuals to work as a team who have a diverse background and mixed skill set. Ideally, candidates will have a strong background in EDI and mindfulness; be able to navigate their way through research and know how to build EDI initiatives into existing organisations.

These roles are for a fixed term, pending review for extension and are remote flexible working with elements of collaboration time required between the three successful candidates.

There are several ways you can apply. We would like you to send us ‘your version’ of a covering letter and a version of your CV. You could:

  • Send us a written covering letter (max 200 words) and your written CV
  • Send us your written CV and a video lasting no more than 3 minutes introducing yourself and telling us why you have applied.
  • Offer us a CV via audio, power point, video or any choice of medium plus a covering letter in the style of your choice but no more than 200 words or 3 minutes long.

Use pictures, words, video, audio, and any matter of format, sending to info@bamba.org.uk for the attention of the Director.

Applications close Friday 17th November 2023.