Welcome to BAMBA – The British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches

BAMBA is the professional body of mindfulness practitioners, teachers and teacher training organisations in the UK. In the interest of the public, BAMBA seeks to promote and increase access to authentic and compassionate delivery of mindfulness by its members. By defining and upholding best practice, BAMBA supports its members to serve all UK demographic groups, both equitably and through safe adaptations. BAMBA also advocates appropriate and effective programmes for human flourishing and positive mental health when rooted in scientific integrity and lived experience.

Alongside the listing of mindfulness teachers and teacher training organisations, BAMBA has broadened its reach through the creation of our online and virtual community hub where we bring together those in the workplace and other specific areas of mindfulness teaching and practice. Our community hub continues to grow as we deepen our reach across society in line with our charitable objectives.

BAMBA’s activities are only made possible through membership and voluntary support. Your donation will be used to continue the maintenance of standards and inclusive access to mindfulness-based training in the UK. We are grateful for your contribution to this vital work.