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Support for Integrity in Teaching and Training Commmunity (SiTT)

SiTT facilitates a grass roots community of mindfulness teachers, trainers and assessors that acknowledge one another’s experience and expertise and support each other to meet ongoing good practice.

All SiTT affiliated activities, including monthly group meetings, community days and retreats, are run and led by the participants on a co-operative basis and are therefore described as “peer-led”. This approach, conducted mindfully and in an atmosphere of mutual care and co-operation, means the events are a form of practice in and of themselves.

SiTT believes that formal supervision and teacher led retreats are necessary for ongoing good practice. The peer-led model is intended as an additional support to mindfulness teaching and training and not as an alternative in meeting Good Practice Guidelines. The role of SiTT is to facilitate peer-led activities by connecting members, arranging logistics, guidelines and personal contact for information, advice and support.

The aspiration is for SiTT to develop a community of mindfulness teachers, trainers, trainees and assessors.

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