How do I begin with mindfulness?

Begin right now. Sit back a little from your screen and soften your gaze if you can. Bring your awareness to your feet. Be curious, how do they feel right now? Are they planted on the floor or somewhere else? You may wish to adjust slightly so that you can feel the ground beneath you. Pause for a few moments as you sense into their temperature, the sensations of pressure or touching the ground, the feeling of your socks, shoes or air against the skin. Notice if your mind wanders off to thoughts, which is perfectly natural. Every time this happens, bring your attention back to your feet, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. Simply "be" with these experiences, accepting whatever arises for you in this moment, right now.

Spend a little time becoming aware of how this makes you feel, whether it has had an effect on your breathing, thoughts, emotions. Not trying to change anything, there's no judgement, no right or wrong, good or bad. Just be with whatever arises for as long as you wish, right here, right now, in this moment.

When you are ready, lift your eyes, perhaps have a stretch and check in with how you're feeling, before going back to whatever you were doing, with awareness.